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Christmas Archive Tips
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We’ve come a long way from the doldrums of lockdowns and limited options for gatherings at home. Make the holidays extra bright this year with evergreen ideas from our trove of Hawaii Home + Remodeling stories.  

The articles presented here are intended to serve as a general guide to spark inspiration. Some products mentioned at the time of these writings may not be currently available, but the concepts can still be applied to your home projects and holiday wish lists. 

Island Tablescape

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Create a Coastal Tablescape

This holiday season, make your guests feel as if they’ve been transported to a serene beach under a shimmering moon. A coastal-inspired holiday tablescape will help your guests feel relaxed and at ease — especially during the hustle-and-bustle of the holidays. Leave a lasting impression with luminous underwater treasures and sophisticated décor. Read more here. 

Island Flowers

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Give the Gift of Flowers

Flowers can be the perfect present to adorn the table and brighten up the room. From anthurium, bird of paradise and heliconia to red and pink ginger, protea and orchid — there are numerous florals that provide a pop of color and seasonal flair for the home. Read more here. 

Bright Gifts

Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino

All Things Calm and Bright

No need some wise men to help you with your Christmas shopping this year — our elves have rounded up some charming presents that’ll make the big, bearded man proud. Cozy throws and pillows, aromatic candles that offer sweet Island smells, cute cocoa mugs and delightful, festive décor will help loved ones end this Grinch-y year with great (and much-needed) holiday cheer. Read more here. 

Eco Christmas

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Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Americans throw away 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. But the holidays don’t have to be so wasteful. Read more here. 

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