A Tour of The Park Ward Village

Celebrated landscape architect Don Vita designs outdoor areas to connect people and nature.

Photo: Courtesy of Ward VillageThe Park Ward Village, one of Ward Village’s latest residential offerings, is surrounded by nature. Inspired by the principles of midcentury modern design, the harmony between interior spaces and the world outside is clear. In designing the lush gardens within and around the residence, Don Vita, principal, VITA Planning & Landscape Architecture Inc., took inspiration from…

Leveraging Your Home Equity

First Hawaiian Bank discusses cash-out refinancing and how it can fund your next home improvement project.

Photo: Getty ImagesLearn about refinancing your mortgage while leveraging your home equity all in one transaction with First Hawaiian Bank.  In this Hawaii Home + Remodeling Seminar Series video, Daniel Costigan, vice president and sales manager for First Hawaiian Bank, and Patty Van Kuran, vice president and private banking mortgage loan officer for First Hawaiian Bank, discuss the basics of cash-out refinance and how…

Backyard Bliss: Your Perfect Outdoor Space

Take your outdoor space to the next level with the help of Steve’s Gardening Service.

Photo: Aaron K. YoshinoNow more than ever, our backyards have become restful retreats and safe havens — a place for us to entertain and relax. In this Hawaii Home + Remodeling Seminar Series video, Steve Dewald of Steve’s Gardening Service discusses how you can transform your outdoor space into a backyard oasis — with tips on plant selection, space management and common issues to avoid.  This…

3 Reasons Why 2021 is the Year to Go Solar

Now is the time to get solar for your home.

When’s a good time to go solar? RevoluSun says the best time was yesterday, but the second best time is today. While that’s been the company’s belief since the start, this year that idea is more relevant than ever due to shifts in the material market, solar incentives and production issues.   1. Demand for Materials Current demand for materials could potentially affect the price…

Buying, Selling and Managing Your Hawaii Home

Hear from List Sotheby’s International Realty experts on how to navigate the local market.

Photo: List Sotheby’s International Realty Whether you’re a buyer or seller, navigating the Hawaii housing market will require some help. The esteemed team at List Sotheby’s International Realty is poised to help you find, sell and manage your Hawaii home.  In this Hawaii Home + Remodeling Seminar Series video, you’ll hear from these experts at List Sotheby’s International Realty: Lectie Altman, a Realtor-Associate, Yukiko Yang, a Realtor, Mina Angeles-Montero, the director of…

How to Find a Trustworthy Construction Professional

The Better Business Bureau Great West + Pacific shares the best practices.

Photo: Getty ImagesFinding a reliable, trustworthy professional for your home project requires a bit of research. The Better Business Bureau Great West + Pacific takes the time to share with you the best approach to researching and hiring construction professionals in Hawaii.  In this Hawaii Home + Remodeling Seminar Series video, Roseann Freitas, public relations and communications manager of Better Business Bureau Great West + Pacific, provides tips and…

Feng Shui for Hawaii with Clear Englebert

McKenna Maduli sits down with the feng shui author and expert in Hawaii.

Feng shui is a practice and philosophy of arranging your living spaces in order to create flow and harmony in your home.  In this Hawaii Home + Remodeling Seminar Series video, McKenna Maduli interviews feng shui author and expert Clear Englebert.  Englebert’s work includes: Feng Shui Demystified, Bedroom Feng Shui, Feng Shui for Hawaii, Feng Shui for Hawaii Gardens, Feng Shui for Retail Stores, and Feng Shui for Love & Money….

Design-Build Your Hawaii Home

All Things New and Blueprint808 map out the keys to a successful home project.

Photo: Asia Brynne, Courtesy of All Things NewWhen employing design-build professionals, you’ll want ones that work together as a team.   In this Hawaii Home + Remodeling Seminar Series video, you’ll hear from Richie Breaux, owner of All Things New, and Andrew Forman, architect, president and owner of Blueprint808, as they dive into the design-build process — from professional roles and timelines to budgets and options available.  This…

Top Four Tips for a Beautiful, Elder-Safe Home

Aging-in-place advice from the experts at Graham Builders.

Photos: Hawkins Biggins Photography, Courtesy of Graham Builders Most people want to remain in their homes, not a nursing facility, as they age. With the high number of older homes in Hawaii, many residences require substantial modifications to achieve this dream.  Veteran design-build contractor Graham Builders shares four essential tips to consider when designing an elder-safe home. Whether you want a…

Should I Renovate or Build New?

Homeworks Construction provides the tools to help you decide.

Photo: Olivier KoningDebating on whether to remodel an existing home or start fresh with a new one is something many homeowners grapple with in Hawaii. From personal reasons to costs to pre-existing issues — there are many factors to consider before making a concrete decision.  In this Hawaii Home + Remodeling Seminar Series video, Marshall Hickox, president of Homeworks Construction, shares his insight on how to…

Age-ility at Home: Create a Home for a Lifetime

Graham Builders provides key accessibility design elements.

Photo: Hawkins Biggins Photography, Courtesy of Graham Builders Designing a home for aging in place requires home design strategies. In this Hawaii Home + Remodeling Seminar Series video, you’ll hear from Evan Fujimoto, president of Graham Builders, and Bonnie Oda, director of client care for Graham Builders, both Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (CAPS) as they outline how you can incorporate accessibility design elements in your abode.  This…

First-time Homebuying Strategies for Hawaii

Hear expert advice from banking, real estate and insurance professionals.

Photo: Getty ImagesWhen you’re searching for your first home, don’t let the housing market intimidate you. In this Hawaii Home + Remodeling Seminar Series video, seasoned professionals come together for an honest conversation to help you become a homeowner in Hawaii.  You’ll hear from Aaron Tangonan of List Sotheby’s International Realty, Daniel Costigan of First Hawaiian Bank and Walter Malterre of Island Insurance in “First-time Homebuying Strategies for Hawaii.”    This video originally aired at the…

How Design Impacts Lives

The Hawaii Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers discusses design influences.

Photo: Getty ImagesExperts from the Hawaii Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) explore the impact design has on health and well-being, as well as how designers have pivoted in today’s climate in “How Design Impacts Lives.”   In this Hawaii Home + Remodeling Seminar Series video, you’ll hear from Chuen Yee of MCYIA, Lisa Nguyen of Peter Vincent Architects and Nancy Schnur of Universal Interiors LLC. …

Kitchen & Bath Trends 2021

Hear from National Kitchen & Bath Association Aloha Chapter designers.

Photo: Getty ImagesDesigners of the National Kitchen & Bath Association Aloha Chapter gather together to discuss what’s trending in kitchen and bath design today.  In this Hawaii Home + Remodeling Seminar Series video, you’ll hear from April Viola of Viola Design Inc., Cris Johnson of Hawaii Kitchen & Bath, Jeffrey Hatterman of Accent Designs & Renovations and Rose Kaneshiro of American Floor & Home (formerly called American Carpet One).  You’ll discover the latest in surface selections, high-tech fixtures…

Home Décor – Tips & Tricks – Sarah Style

Watch Sarah Richardson dish on design strategies and ideas for your home.

Photo: Courtesy of Valerie Wilcox Sarah Richardson, internationally acclaimed designer and HGTV host presents “Home Décor – Tips and Tricks – Sarah Style.”    In this Hawaii Home + Remodeling Seminar Series video, Richardson shares her approach to designing and decorating your home with techniques she’s perfected over the years.   This video originally aired at the BIA-Hawaii Virtual Big Home Building & Remodeling…

These Contemporary Condominiums Offer a Premier Urban-Island Lifestyle

An inside look at Ward Village’s ‘A‘ali‘i homes.

Photos: Courtesy of Ward VillageNestled between Waikiki and Downtown Honolulu, Ward Village is a vibrant neighborhood just waiting to be discovered. This master planned community provides modern conveniences all within walking distance. Here, leading a balanced life focused on overall wellbeing is encouraged, and more attainable.  Artist’s Rendering of Future, Planned Victoria Ward Park Ward Village connects residents to the community, and to nature. When you live…

All the Award-Winning Projects from the 2020 Design Excellence Awards

Check out this year’s winners of the Design Excellence Awards by ASID Hawaii Chapter.

Photo: Olivier KoningThe Hawaii Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers announced the winners of its 2020 Design Excellence Awards in October — and we are excited to share with you the results. Read on to see the full list of award winners, from residential and commercial projects to custom design objects, student projects and honorees. Residential: Small Space…

Make the Loan Application Process Easy with First Hawaiian Bank’s New Platform

The portal is a safe and swift way to apply for residential home loans.

Photo: Getty ImagesFirst Hawaiian Bank’s new online mortgage platform allows customers to apply for residential loans — including new mortgages, refinancing current mortgages, and opening home equity lines of credit — in a fast, convenient and safe manner. The portal lets customers take advantage of historic low mortgage rates from the safety and comfort of their homes. Beyond being a…

This Cleaning Product Can Help Protect You, Your Home from COVID-19

American Carpet One Floor & Home rolls out a new disinfectant.

Photo: Getty ImagesWoman in protective gloves cleaning a door handle with a disinfection spray and disposable wipesAs we continue to be vigilant about what we come into contact with outside and then bring inside — we wear face masks, social distance and wipe down groceries and surfaces — it is essential to make sure our homes are safe and sanitized….

Watch: Marcus Mariota and First Hawaiian Bank

Bank like Marcus Mariota, wherever you are.

Photo: Courtesy First Hawaiian BankWith First Hawaiian Bank Mobile Deposits, you can even keep the original check!     You never know who you’ll find in line at First Hawaiian Bank using their new No-Envelope ATM Deposits.    Categories: Finance, Foundations Tags: Foundations

Choosing a Design-build Firm: With local Expert Marshall Hickox of Homeworks Construction

Design-build firms offer Hawaii homeowners advantages over the traditional home planning process.

Photo: Olivier Koning    Design-build firms offer Hawaii homeowners a few advantages over the conventional home planning process of hiring an architect and general contractor. Marshall Hickox, president of Homeworks Construction, shares the top reasons why working with a design-build firm is a good fit for Hawaii homeowners.  “Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling, or just a smaller piece…

How to Finance a Home Project: With Local Expert HawaiiUSA FCU

When it comes to building a new house or planning a home project in hawaii, not all financing options are created equal.

Photo: ProvidedWhen it comes to building a new house or planning a home project in hawaii, not all financing options are created equal. HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union shares advice on how to choose the best payment options for your dream home while maintaining your financial wellness.  Before launching into a home finance project, HawaiiUSA FCU recommends starting with your budget….