Hawaii Home + Remodeling - August 2016

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The House of Hope

Hawaii author Dale Hope's vintage Polynesia-themed home is built on aloha.

Radar: Shape Up

Bring your tile up a notch with a variety of new available styles.

Destination: Na Lama Kukui

Boutique shopping center offers a collection of high-quality design, home décor, lifestyle and professional services all in relaxed environment.

Editor's Note

Each time I move to a new home, I discover old memories all over again.

Second Draft

Blueprints inspire screenwriter to restore Manoa home formerly owned by historical novelist to its original design.

Trash Talk

7 ways to lessen household waste and help save the world.

Cool It Now

Ductless A/C: These flexible, easy-to-install systems provide immediate relief.

At Home

A visit to HomeWorld Furniture turns up a bevy of unique finds.

Get a Grip

Today's selection of eclectic knobs and pulls can help you get a handle on your space. Dress up and personalize your cabinet doors with functional hardware to fit your style.

What is it?

One of the basic components in most Anchor Systems projects is the Grout-Injection Micropile.